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  • I’m wondering on how I can make my links display this:
    instead of this:
    Can anyone help me…I read the permalinks info on the admin-page but I feel somewhat insecure on how to do it…

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  • Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    It looks strange in the instructions, but honestly, you really do not need to understand a word of it 🙂
    1. Go to Options – Permalinks.
    2. Click the ‘Update Permalink Structure’ box.
    (The white box 2 above that should have a line of stuff in it)
    3. In the textarea further down, information should appear.
    4. Right click inside the box, and ‘Select All’, then right click again and ‘Copy’
    5. Open Notepad / Wordpad or BBEdit
    6. Paste the copied info in there.
    7. Save the file as htaccess.txt
    8. Now you need to upload that file to your webspace, and it goes in the same directory as ‘index.php’ and ‘wp-layout.css’
    9. Using your ftp client, rename it to
    (No extension, and you need the dot at the start)
    10. Once you have done this, it may disappear – that’s okay.
    That’s it. It should now work. If it doesn’t, post back.

    and dont forget to set a base URL in head !

    <base href="">

    Ok, but my two input fields under Options – Permalinks is totally empty…what to do then?
    hmm….I feel like an idiot…

    Between steps 1 & 2 should have been this direction:
    1a) Read the text on the screen – it’s a lot but it helps to know what your options are.
    1b) Decide how you want your URLs to look, and note the options needed to get that url.
    1c) The lines jsut before the first text box shows how to string it all together.
    1d) Put the string into the first text box to form the options you want and in the order you want.
    THEN click the Update Permalinx directions.
    When it’s done saving….. scroll down… all the way. There will be a large text area with a bunch of stuff in it. You’ll want to copy it and put it in your .htaccess file, providing you have one. If not, then create a file called file.htaccess (keep it blank) and upload it to the root of your WP folder. Then rename it to .htaccess. Now you can use the Templates link in the admin to paste that text from the Permalinks options page into it and save it.

    I just have to say that this just blew my mind! It just *worked* – got WP on WinXP running PHPDev… tinkering – trying to break the MT habit.

    Worked like a charm.

    It worked perfectly! Thank you all who took their time to help me…

    What does this mean when I try change rights of an specific user…
    Sorry, you need to enable...referrer...
    I’ve added a user to the site and want to give that user the rights to publish articles, links etc.

    Never mind my previous question….it seems that the problem appeared when I used my friends Windows-machine to edit the user….weird? Yes. When I got back home using my Mac it worked just fine….Why? I don’t know.

    It happened because either 1) referrers were disabled in his browser or 2) disabled by a firewall.



    “When it’s done saving….. scroll down… all the way. There will be a large text area with a bunch of stuff in it. “

    Is this something that’s been done away with in 1.5.2? I don’t get anything like that.



    Sort of. WP now writes to .htaccess. It will be there only if WP cannot write to the file. Evidently it can in your situation.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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