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  1. wpbob
    Posted 5 years ago #

    I have set my permalinks to:


    Canonical tag has been always correct. However, I see some urls that point to the same file like below

    /%post_id%/ 301 redirects to /%post_id% with a 200 server header.

    which shows the same file as in /%post_id%/%postname%.html

    Given all 3 cases show the same canonical (/%post_id%/%postname%.html) I am not too worry, but this double 200 server header was unexpected and I now rely on search engines strictly following canonical metatags not to deem this duplicate content.

    Is there anything wrong in my .htaccess that is making the /%post_id% a 200 server header?

  2. dogbot
    Posted 5 years ago #

    never seen it done '/%post_id%/%postname%.html' I'd assume the correct way is '/%post_id%/%postname%' without the '.html' part?....

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