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  • I’ve created a “Page” which automatically generates a page slug – as I have built a custom permalink. However when I navigate to this page from anywhere on the site, I get a 404 error. Does anyone know what the problem might be?

    My blog url is and if you see the link to the Chili-con-carne recipe, click on it and you’ll see what I mean. Any help would be well appreciated.

    Many thanks,


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  • Have you made sure that the .htaccess has been rewritten. WordPress creates one rewrite rule for each page. Try going to WPAdmin/Options/Permalinks and click on “Update Permalink Structure”.


    you’ll need to make your .htaccess file readable by wordpress, so I believe that you’ll need to CHMOD it to atleast 666. Everytime you create a page, the permalinks need to be rewritten in order to add the new lines for your pages. You could do this by hand everytime you create a new page, but it’s a whole lot easier to just let wordpress do it.

    i’m having this same issue, permalinks work for everything but “Pages”, i have CHMOD’d the files and created more pages to see if it was a problem with the slug of that page, but still i’m getting a 404. anyone got anymore ideas?

    CHMOD which “files”? you have to set the porper permission for the .htaccess file!

    I have the same problem. Permalinks work for my posts (ie; the url for the posts has changed to reflect the new permalink structure) but pages are still totally inaccessible via their ‘page slug.’ Don’t know what’s going on.

    I was having the same trouble, but I’ve built another site with WP and was just having a blonde moment 😀 Glad to see the post, it got me back on track.

    The directions posted here work, perhaps you are catching the wrong .htaccess file? It should be the one in your main WP folder.

    For those getting 404 errors with Pages and custom permalinks, see if this solution helps:

    my wordpress seems a bit confused, .htaccess has CHMOD 777 but it still wont write to it, i then decided to delete .htaccess and try again and it said it wrote to the file, even though i hadn’t made one yet. not sure what it’s actually overwriting

    For those having the 404 Error: I’m new to WP and I was having the same problem until I realized that I had the .htaccess file in the wrong place. I moved it from the root of my entire site to the root of my blog (which was in a subfolder). Then made sure that the script that WP generates was copied into the file. Check to make sure the permissions were correct. Then I checked my site and it worked perfect.

    I hope that helps somebody.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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