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  • hey all,
    I am in the process of migrating from MT to WP, and I would like to keep the same heirarchy structure in terms of permalinks in the archives,
    my current structure is:
    and I’d like to have the WP directories as
    when I set the permalink path to properly output this, I get the correct posts, but there are no comments to be found anywhere on the page. is this a bug, a limitation of the system (as it uses index.php itself) or am I missing something I need to put in?
    thanks in advance,
    P.S. apologies if this is answered somewhere else. I did a quick search but didn’t see anything that related to my question.

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  • It won’t work with cruft like the index.php there.

    Don’t be afraid bots will still catch your perma

    it was more of an easy transition from the mt directory structure to wp than anything (in terms of redirection).
    guess I’ll just have to take that into account when I do do a redirect script.

    If your comfortable editing your rewrite rules, you can pretty well make the URL for your archives anything you want.
    In your case though, you probably don’t need to use rules other than those supplied by WordPress. Just change the option for your permalink path to be:
    The comments are not showing up because you are not linking to a specific post. For example, this works:
    Yet this will not show comments:

    yeah, I just found out that your second example doesn’t work either.
    gotta think about how I want to set this up. I was hoping to avoid the postname (just doesn’t look *right* to me), but it’s starting to grow on me. or like you said, perhaps I’ll just start hacking on the rewrite rules.

    actually on second thought, the postname approach will work, and I can still write a forwarding rule to go to the permalink date dir (e.g. and have the individual post name (or post id) be the link with comments.
    your help is much appreciated.

    You can use the post number instead of the name if you want. It does make for a bit cleaner of a uri.
    Your links won’t break just having the date in there. If someone wants to leave a comment, they can always click to do so.

    I have been working with the permalinks structure and trying to remove the /index.php/ from my URL’s – it is superfluous, and I would rather not expose this part of the structure to the public.
    When I edit it out of the permalink structure, however, the site no longer works.
    Is this line required? Is there a way to remove it? Does someone have an example?

    I’ve had the ‘index.php’ as part of my permalinks for a while and I now want to simpify the structure without breaking any links. How do I go about this? I’ve seen how the old b2 wordpress permalinks could be redirected to the new, but I don’t know enough code to figure out how to modify a simple change in permalink structure to suit my needs. I want to redirect


Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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