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  • I have changed my Permalink Option page so that my permalinks will be “pretty,” and I understand that I have to change something in the htaccess file, but when I click on it under Manage Files, it says that no such file exists. Any ideas?

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  • There are two “easy” ways to do this:

    First, through your host cPanel assuming you have one – navigate to your wordpress install folder, you should see .htaccess, click on it, somewhere on the page (depending on which control panel software your host uses) you should see “change permissions”; change permissions to 777, click save/update whatever, access wp-admin/options/permalinks, wp will write to the file, then go back to the file in cpanel and set permissions back to 644….

    Second, using your ftp client, navigate to your wp install in the remote pane, find the .htaccess file, right click on it (usually), change permissions to 777, repeat the wp-admin etc. access above, then right click on the file in your ftp client again and set permissions back to 644.

    First – if you want to do it from the permalinks option page, you’ll have to CHMOD the .htaccess to 666 – make your changes and CHMOD back to 644. You can do this from your control panel or ftp.
    Second choice is download the .htaccess via ftp. Copy the code from the permalinks page and paste it in the .htaccess you downloaded. Re-upload .htaccess.

    Edit – Man I type slow

    *laughing* samboll, I was a secretary for many years…. I type like I read – WAY fast…. snail is not my middle name, nor my s-car….

    I am in my control panel, but I can’t seem to find .htaccess. Can you tell me which folder it is in. I don’t see one titled WP install…

    That’s a generic cognomen for wherever your wordpress is installed…. could be a folder named “wp”, or one named “wordpress”, or one named “youdamomsopinions”….

    Can someone tell me how to download the htaccess via ftp?

    Well, when I do so, I simply highlight it in the right (remote)pane, and click the download arrow/button. Is that not working for you?

    i just can’t find it.

    Hmmm. Maybe you need to dig around in your ftp client help files to set up “show all files”. Sometimes ftp clients are stubborn about showing things like files that START with a .(dot)

    Do I look for it under files on my computer or files on ftp? if ftp, do you know which folder it would be in? there are folders such as web_users, tmp, subdomains, statistics, etc.

    I don’t have that particular folder setup, so this is a guess. It should be in the remote main www (or public_html, or htdocs) folder, within whatever folder your wordpress resides in.

    I’m referring to files on your host server space not your machine. .htaccess won’t BE on your machine until you download it.

    It would be far easier for you to access it to edit through your host cpanel.

    thanks, i’ll try.

    Okay, wait a minute, back up….

    Are you hosted on a windows/IIS server? Or an apache/linux/unix server?

Viewing 13 replies - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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