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    Well, I just found out what Permalinks are (after using WordPress for a week or two, lol), and well I want to change it from the Defualt Permalink to the Date and Name Based Permalink, this part I know how to do (it would be sad if I didn’t), but after that is where my problem occurs. Since WordPress can’t edit my .htaccess file for me, it tells me the code to put in my .htaccess file. Whenever I try to download that file off of my ftp and open it up… it has nothing inside (I’m not sure if it is suppose to have some codes or something in it, or suppose to be blank) and then I add the code WordPress gives me and I upload it back into my ftp, then when I check my site, I see the URL matches the Date and Name Based Permalink, but when I click on it, for some reason, my style sheet is not linked. I don’t know why it does that, and so I need some help with that.

    Thanks in advance to all that help, I really appreciate it.

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  • I don’t want to seem desperate and annoying, but I really do need help with this. Can anyone help, please?

    Again, I really need help with this. Anyone?

    “Since WordPress can’t edit my .htaccess file for me, it tells me the code to put in my .htaccess file…”

    You can make your .htacces file writeable, or editable, by WordPress by changing the file permissions (the .htaccess file only),to 777 temporarily. (Others may suggest different file permissions, and that’s ok too, but this is quick and dirty. You aren’t going to leave it that way).

    Your ftp client may very well allow you to change file permissions from the client window by a “right click”, and then a numeric value selection for file permissions. If not, you will have to do a litle research on changing file permissions or “chmod” of file permissions.

    I say TEMPORARILY, because as soon as WordPress successfully updates your permalink structure, you need to change the permissions back to 644. Do NOT leave your .htaccess file world writeable.

    You may want to do a little reading on .htaccess, as well as file and folder permissions as preventative education. There are references to it all over the forums.

    Best wishes,


    Thanks so much for your help. It did work.

    I’m glad something I mentioned helped. Thank you for marking the topic resolved.

    I can edit files on my server and make them writable but
    I can’t find my .htaccess file on my server anywhere and I have the show hidden files ticked in c panel – any ideas anyone.


    Clayton, I did just that (changed permissions on the htaccess file to 777) but WordPress still cannot write to it. And when I insert the provided code myself into the htaccess file, it doesn’t work either. Any thoughts or suggestions? Feel free to e-mail me at


    I’m having this problem now. I actually know how to chmod the .htaccess file and have done it successfully with several WP blogs by now. But since I’m using the new version, suddenly I have a problem and it doesn’t matter whether I chmod to 777, whether I copy and paste the code into the file myself, or what. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong when I’m doing the exact same thing that worked with previous WP versions. ACK.

    (edit) Never mind. I forgot that if you have any test pages (not posts) it affects whether the permalink structure changes. So if any other noobs come after me who didn’t know this either, make sure you have NO POSTS OR PAGES UP when you change the permalink structure, otherwise it won’t work even if you successfully chmod the .htaccess file. D’oh! And I’m sorry I posted on a resolved thread. *hangs head in shame*

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