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    This is on a Linux server running Apache.

    I’m experiencing two problems with this WordPress install. The first being an odd permalink structure… Have a look at this page and notice how /index.php must precede the page title. I Googled this and the general consensus is that this is an error with Apache’s mod_rewrite not being configured correctly. I had our host look into it and they confirmed that the server is set up as it should be. Any ideas?

    The second problem is that I can’t seem to overwrite WordPress’s 2MB file size limit (whose brilliant idea was that anyway). I’ve tried doing it through the tables in phpmyadmin, I’ve tried doing it with the htaccess file, I have tried adding a php.ini file with the appropriate commands… Nothing. Suggestions?

    I would appreciate any help with resolving these two issues.

    Thank you!

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  • esmi


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    The first issue is definitely relating to mod_rewrite and how the server handles the rewrites.

    The second – WP doen’t set the file upload limit. It picks it up from the server’s php.ini file. In both cases, you need to go back to your hosts.

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