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  • This almost has to be a bug, but I can’t find documentation of it – my weekly archive links are a week behind, and individual post permalinks point to the wrong entries. I say that I think it’s a bug because it’s happening in both of my WP sites:, (course sites for courses I teach).
    Any and all advice welcome – I know my way around HTML pretty well, but not PHP.

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  • What do you have for your start_of_week option in Options/General Blog Settings? Due to a couple of what look to me like bugs that I’m emailing Matt about in a second or two, I’d say that Monday should be the only one that works, and depending on your version of MySQL, Saturday may give really odd results (possibly even your off-by-a-week results). Unless, of course, I’m completely wrong 😉

    I have it set for Sunday – I’ll go back and change it to Monday, and see if that makes a difference.
    Thank you.

    Verrry interesting – re-setting the first day of the week to Monday seems to have cleared up the weekly archiving in the WMST414 site but not hte CMST 400 site. And permalinks for individual entries are still scrozzled in both.

    EAK- No answers for you, but a possible clue. I am having the same problem. I stupidly deleted a post, instead of just editing it to read–“post deleted by author”. (the same entry had posted twice, for some unknown reason.–hard for me to tell sometimes, becuz when I post, the admin page then show up blank) Anyhow, you are not alone.
    Also in same boat as you re php. (My spouse, who is php fluent, said “sounds like a bad bug to me”, but he may have just been trying to get around working on it! 😉 ) I notice that the source shows that the link text is pointing to the “right” post number, but it shows up decremented one (which I am thinking is becuz of the deleted post) Have you deleted any posts, I am wondering?

    Thanks, DG. I may have deleted a post – I honestly don’t remember. There’s a good chance I posted one to test the installation, and then deleted once I got the site going for real. If that is the problem, I think it is indeed a bug!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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