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  • Hello,
    I’m developing a website on dfblog (not accessible to pubic yet) and am running into the following issue:

    When permalinks are turned on, IE6 and IE7 consistently & occasionally 404 when navigating the site. This does not happen with any other browser — tested FF, Safari, IE, Camino, across PC & Mac (except no testing on IE8).

    Additionally, with permalinks turned on, in IE6, when you navigate away from the root, the div #head and div #wrap seem to lose transparency and become gray/blue.

    Turn off permalinks and these problems go away.

      Both the CSS & HTML have been validated, and I’ve made no changes to the theme except add a few pages.
      No plugins are installed.
      I’ve just tried installing your most recent build (1.1.5) to a new theme directory with the same results.
      I’ve tested other themes and they are not exhibiting this behavior – it’s dfblog specific it seems.
      Visiting your blog ( with IE6 or 7 does not exhibit this behavior.


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  • If it’s the theme itself that’s causing the trouble, then there’s no way anyone can help you without being able to see the site, live, and operational.

    Can you set up the theme elsewhere so we can see it?

    If you have another WP site with the exact same setup (which you are suggesting, but I’m not sure) that does NOT exhibit the same behaviors, then you need to carefully compare the differences between the sites, specifically in settings (do you have .htaccess in place and if you do, do you have specific settings?), in the header.php file, does everything point to the right places?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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