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  • Hello everyone

    I have here a problem that I don’t know if it’s possible to fix without changing the system of my blog.

    Right now I do have this permalink:

    As you can see I forced /blog into my url to mean that is my blog
    But right now I have another post_type called PRESS

    Blog is not a post type it’s the normal post system from wordpress and Press was created thru the new system post_type

    So my silly question is
    Is it possible to create 2 permalinks like:

    At the same time???
    Right now all that I got was:
    Using: custom-post-permalinks plugin and that is not what I want.

    I tried to use RewriteRules on my htaccess to remove blog from my url but for some reason it is ignored totaly… doesn’t do a thing
    This is one exemplo of what I tried:
    RewriteRule ^blog [L,R=301]
    just to see if it was working and when I access my site http://mysite/blog it never redirects.

    Anyone have any clue if this is possible… or not?

    Thiago Cruz

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