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    Hi there,

    This is my first attempt at building a WordPress site. My default template is twenty seven.

    I am getting 404 not found errors / permalink errors in two places with Sportspress.

    1) In the All Teams Calendar page, which renders a monthly calendar view. If you click on a date that has only one game that day, then it links properly to the venue. However, on the days that the teams are playing more than one game that day (example February 23), it links to a page that lists all the games that are scheduled to be played that day. The problem happens when you click on any of those games, instead of going to to venue page like it should and does on a single game day (example February 14), it renders a 404 error. – page with game lisings – renders a 404 error

    2) The second place I am getting 404 permalink errors is on the homepage, in the carousel event block. All of these countdown dates in the calendar carousel, when clicked, return a 404 error.

    However, if I just use the event widget (it isn’t as cool), like I did below the carousel, then the blocks link correctly to the venue. – carousel event widget – renders a 404 error

    I’ve spent quite a few hours trying to troubleshoot this, hoping someone out there will know what is wrong and can help me out! Thank you! I appreciate you taking a look!

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • @rochesterj

    I did a little research on the Sportspress demo site and it has the same error therefore I believe this proves it is a Sportspress issue and not a theme issue.

    Please go to:

    Click on any of the scheduled events that day (there are 2) and you will render a 404 error which is identical to the error I am experiencing on my site.

    Plugin Author Brian


    @baseballfan Thanks for your feedback. You’re right, there has been an issue with the links generated via archive pages. This is related to the same issue with default WP permalinks, (with “post_type=” and “p=”) where scheduled posts are private.

    With the widgets built into SportsPress, we use the the function get_post_permalink($id, false, true) with the third parameter being true to use the permalink structure defined in settings which also allows future posts to be displayed.

    However, as with the case of the archive pages, and as our plugin gets adopted by third-party themes we realize that this is not always possible. So, we’ve just released version 2.5.8 which bypasses standard behavior and allows the default permalink to also be used for displaying scheduled events.

    tl;dr: Updating to SportsPress 2.5.8 should solve this issue 🙂


    Thank you Brian that solved the issue. However, I have another couple of questions. 1) I have 3 schedule pages: Freshman, JV and Varsity. On each of these pages, I added a Sportix Editor Block above my Event List Block and it will only show up in preview mode. Once I log out of the site and look at the page, the block doesn’t show. Is there a reason for this, or is it a bug too?
    2) How do I change the word Results in my Event List to Time? Currently, the time is being displayed under the word Results.
    3) What block would I use to display the score of the game after it has been played? Coach doesn’t want me to display detailed info, just the final score for both teams.

    Thank you so much for your help! I’ve spent hours trying to figure out that calendar issue, but the new update solved it.

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    Plugin Author Brian


    @baseballfan Glad to hear that! Regarding the Sportix Editor Block, I’m not sure how that works, as it is packaged with a third-party theme. I’d recommend contacting the theme authors for help using that particular feature.


    I tried using the HTML block but it won’t render once I log out of WordPress either.

    What about my other questions? Are you able to assist with them? Thank you

    Plugin Author Brian


    @baseballfan Sure, answers to 2) and 3) are below.

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    Plugin Author Brian


    2) You can change the Time/Results Format under SportsPress > Settings > Events > Event List to “Time Only”

    3) Try the event_results shortcode like this, with the post ID of the event in place of 123: [event_results 123]

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    Plugin Contributor Savvas


    Thanks Brian for your update!

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