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    new to all this getting the hang of it but reading through permalinks stuff is making my head spin…..
    ive got wordpress installed with my host on a windows server
    the site i want to administer will have a large number of pages and ideally i would like the link url as follows


    as im thick and need the least amount of technical fiddling as possible whats the best way to set up a custom option it would be good if i didnt have to mess around with the original config files.

    anyway if anyone has an idiots guide it would be helpful

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  • Hi – There are limitations with permalinks on a Windows server.

    read this:

    thanks sorting it out slowly
    as you can i did another theme change and got the drop down index sorted as im not a coder this helped had to do a little bit of tweaking with my limited knowledge and will have to be happy with the result.
    anyway back to the permalinks does this mean i cannot do a url based on index/date/pagename. ?? without serious fiddling. as im using mainly pages for the time beeing this is awkward ill read the above link againg but it seems to complicated for me or am i beeing thick as usual???

    ho ho well that works took the plunge and tried day/name format and without messing page urls show as index page name smart ….. from what i can gather this will help the search engines better index the site……?????

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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