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  • How do I know if I need Permalinks?

    And if I do, does this determine how I link a page to a blog page through header.php?

    I’m new at this…

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  • Hi,

    Permalinks are just the link or address or URL of your blog post.

    If you make the structure easier to use, it will allow people to more easily link to your blog posts. When people link to your posts, or share them with friends, your blog will be more popular and may get better search engine ranking.

    If you change the permalink structure, the link to a blog post will change. The structure of page links does not change, it remains “”

    Have a look at Using_Permalinks

    Do I need to be concerned if in the header.php file for my Reflections – photo blog theme – for links I see:

    <blockquote>  <div id="navbar">

    yet in the admin panel for word press, I create the page and give it a title for about (small letters)….

    Would the php header file automatically see the about link and display the page; because by doing this way – I get HTTP 404 error.

    Any help greatly appreciated….

    Here are the page links in my header.php


    So, your theme isn’t the best if it’s hardcoding pagenames…

    But, if you’re going to use that theme and not edit it, you’ll definitely need to change your Permalinks to a non-default setting to get “pretty” page names.

    Then, you’ll need to create pages to match those links. Make sure the page’s slug matches the names you see in those URLS above (mosaic, about, contact for instance).

    Or get a theme that was designed to actually work with WordPress.

    Or edit your theme to use wp_list_pages() which will dynamically build up a list of pages to match what you have, not what your theme author thought you should have.

    Ok, many thanks HandySolo. I’m new at this, and not sure how to set Permalinks to a non-default setting to get ‘pretty’ page names…

    This theme is Reflections – a photo blog made to use with Word Press 2.5.1 and the plug in of “Yet Another Photo Blog”. Here is the link:

    How do I edit the wp_list_pages() – is this in the header.php file that I add code for wp_list_pages()?

    Any help greatly appreciated…

    Privaetly, I can give you access to my admin panel if you like and give you my blog URL.

    I’m new at this, and not sure how to set Permalinks to a non-default setting to get ‘pretty’ page names…

    Well, I’ve given you the link on Using_Permalinks three times now… Could you give it a click?

    After doing so: Are your permalinks set to the “Default” value or have you changed them? Knowing that would really be helpful.

    Thank you HandySolo – never mind, I’ve figured it out – and am now using a different “theme” all together… many thanks for the link it explains it well.

    This is RESOLVED.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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