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  • AndySpeed


    Firstly, take a look at my site:

    You’ll see its not much of a blog.

    I am hoping to use permalinks to allow for easier links to certain pages. As I’m using wordpress as a CMS, pages which are guides need useful permalinks. So you’ll see I have a page, or blog entry for Snetterton circuit.

    I was wondering if WordPress can create links that would be along the lines of

    and would I do this using the “Custom Permalink Structure” if it would work. Also, what exactly would I input?

    Not wanting to risk messing up something I’ve spent all day on!


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  • sargant


    At the moment I presume you’ve posted that information about Snetterton as a blog Post, not as a page. As it’s a static, non-time-relevant post, it’d be better off as a Page.

    Provided you have *something* listed as a permalink, the Pages will create their own permalinks. You can choose the “date and name” one, but it’s unimportant if you’re not going to create blog posts.

    Now you can create a page called “circuits” and put general information and maybe a list of sub links there. Then, for each track, create a page and in the right-hand column set its Page Parent to the circuits page. The url to each page will then automatically be of the form



    I see how this is likely to work. Except I’m having a few troubles

    Firstly, take a look here:

    This is the page you told me to create, ‘Circuits’. The Snetterton page links here as its parent page like you said.

    But I am confused as to how to modify the page URL!

    Also you may notice that the sidebar has gone wrong. To do with my styles most likely but I have no idea why. It works for blog entrys, why not for pages? Are they different?




    The links are still showing up as ?page_id=xxx form links – make sure that you’ve selected a format that isn’t the default.

    Edit: I should say – the permalinks page is located under Options — Permalinks

    If it still doesn’t work and the links still show up with question marks, try typing this into the custom box:


    The reason for this is that your server might not support .htaccess files, so you’ll need the index.php part.

    The pages are showing up odd on the sidebar because the subset of pages are wrapped in another ul tag inside the “circuits” li tag, a nested list. You can reduce the padding/margin on uls inside lis in your sidebar to sort this.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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