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  • I am having a problem with permalinking. I installed WordPress without any problems – except that for some reason it entered the URL that my blog is in as port 81. I just went into PhpMyAdmin and changed it, though.

    But the bigger problem has to do with permalinks. I created a .htaccess file and uploaded it. Then I CHMODed it to 666.

    When I changed the permalink structure, it edited .htacces just fine and the setting went through. I even manually checked .htaccess to be sure.

    However, when I go to a permalink, it just redirects to my homepage.

    I just noticed something wierd in phpinfo(). Under the apache value for HTTP_HOST, it is also showing as port 81. Could this have something to do with both problems?

    My Server info:
    Host: iPowerWeb
    OS: FreeBSD
    Server: Apache 2.0
    PHP Version: 5.1.4

    Could the PHP 5 also possibly effect it? As far as I know they just upgraded to Apache 2 and PHP 5 because a few months ago it was showing as PHP version 4.3.3 (if memory serves).

    Anyone else have any problems like this?

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