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  • A few months ago I moved a 9300 article DB from one blog software program to Word Press and made some mistakes in the transition. I was told by some SEO types to use %postname% only, which I did.

    I now have 545,000 URLs not found in Webmaster tools.
    They grow by a few thousand a day.
    I would guess 99% of them are /archives.
    Here is one example of NOT FOUND:

    If I put that in the url box and edit it to what is below it works.

    Below is the 301 someone made for me to correct this.

    RewriteRule ^archives/([0-9]+)\-(.*).html$$2 [NC,L,R=301]

    It doesn’t work.

    Any suggestions?
    I have been trying to fix this now for over 2 months.
    Traffic and revenues down by 2/3s.


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  • I have hired 6 people who said they could fix this from WP and Craigs list and none of them could fix it. I have gone to endless forums and searches. For two months I have tried everything I can think of and no help at all.
    What else can I do you think? Any suggestions?

    I think you have a huge problem accumulated over a period of time, and you started feeling the pinch of it from March-April. It is more to do with Google and SEO than WordPress. In fact, as far as I understand, WordPress has nothing to do with the problem.

    As what you describe is NOT because of one cause, and the problems accumulated because of several contributing factors, it is better to address the issues one by one. Also, it is better to deal with the issue by yourself, rather than getting advice, because only you know what you did and what you did not. Others can only guess. Guesses can lead even to worst results!

    The best thing to do is start with Google Webmaster Tools, and make use of the help center there. I do not find any other better advice.

    Wish you Good Luck!

    Well it happened on MAY 4th! 🙂 When I moved the DB and decided to change the permalink structure to a simple POSTNAME. It was that MOMENT.
    I need a wayback machine! 🙂

    thanx… I guess I have to press harder in that forum than I have. Without pissing anyone off. Not easy, they get snarky real quick over there. 🙂

    If you work from now, as I suggested, I am sure you will get good results in the course of a few weeks. Give up the idea of hiring someone, because this kind of things keep on happening. Have faith on yourself and start working.

    You may try resetting permalinks, etc. only after doing the remedies suggested by Google, because after trying a few things you yourself will be able to recognize areas where the problems started.

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