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    My current permalink structure is: /%postname%/
    My website Front Page displays the “Page” Home.
    Following pages are /about, /contact, and so forth.
    It’s ok.

    My problem is:
    The publishing for posts (blog articles) are going to:

    And it should be –>

    In reading settings I have put Post page:Blog. But still, when I start to write new post the permalink on it shows:
    No BLOG anywhere. And when I go to see my blog page it is empty, althought there should be 3 posts.

    What can I do? Thank you alot!


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  • The permalink structure you’re describing is normal WordPress behavior.

    The reason why is because if you were to either ever:

    • Set your blog posts to be the front page
    • Change the “Blog” page to something else

    All your old /blog/post-name/ permalinks would get messed up.

    However, the empty blog page shouldn’t be happening. Are you sure the post status of those three posts you’re expecting to see is set to “Published” and not something like “Draft”? If not, it won’t show up on your blog page.

    Thank you for answer!

    I have done my front page ready and it terrifies me to make it a blog page.

    I have only 3 posts for now. Is there any way to edit a posts permalink? It would be so easy to just add BLOG in between, like:

    When writing a post it only allows me to edit posts name. It is really starge why those posts do not go on blog page, because they are directed to go there in reading settings. Oh my…

    You can edit the slug of the post (i.e. /post-name/), but you cannot (easily) insert the /blog/ in there.

    I explained why WordPress does it the way it does now in my previous post, but you could register a “blog” custom post type with archives turned on to achieve a similar effect.

    Instead of using “Posts” you would publish all your blog posts under the new “Blog” post type. These would have the /blog/post-name/ URL structure.

    This would introduce other complications, however.

    For example, a custom post archive is not a page. You would have to delete the “blog” page you have now and let the /blog/ custom post type archive page take over.

    I’ve seen this done on sites with lots of different types of content. For example, you might have a “News” archive at /news/ with any individual news item with a /news/news-item/ URL. That combined with a “Blog” archive (that may contain writings that are not necessarily “newsworthy”), the separation would make more structural sense.

    Personally, I would not recommend going through the trouble unless some sort of needed content structure demanded it. As I explained in my previous post, WordPress does the things it does for a reason. While I do understand the weirdness of having a blog at /blog/ containing blog posts that don’t have /blog/ in the URL, I try to avoid going against the grain too much if I don’t need to. At that point, it’s a cost/benefit thing.

    Is spending x amount of hours getting my “blog” custom post type to work exactly how I want a good use of my time? Or would it be better spent just creating content and making other more pertinent improvements to my site? Would my website visitors care if my blog posts did not contain /blog/ in the URL, or would they be focused on my content?

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    Thanks again 🙂

    With the help of your ideas, I solved the problem by making my first blog post a BLOG-page. So, when people go to my blog, my first post is the one they see first and then can move to other posts.

    Have a wonderful week!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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