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  • Hello, I hope someone can help me, and I thank a zillion times in advance anyone who can! I have searched support thouroghly and found some similar problems, but nothing exact.

    My problem is that I have created Pages, and they appear fine in the sidebar, but when I click them, nothing happens. I have determined it is because it is not refering to the index.php page of my template… in other words, it points to
    instead of

    Based on some answers in these support pages, I went to Options>Permalinks, and found where you can create a virtual site structure. I typed in /index.php/ Then I created a test page, and when you click that, you get the “no input file” error. So I know it’s not that simple!

    My question is, does anyone know exactly what to put there to make a virtual site structure, so the Pages link properly? (and yes, the pages do appear fine if I type directly into the address bar) I have put off asking support for as long as possible because I don’t want to bother you guys, but I am at my wits end.

    (If someone mentions .htaccess in their answer, could you please be very specific? I can’t see this file, and don’t know what it should contain if I need to create one.) Thanks again for any help!

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  • I could not agree with you more about the .htaccess meantion. If someone says this has to be used to solve the problem, please write details instructions.

    Well, I did find the .htaccess file. On the ftp client I was using, it was hidden.

    However, apparently there’s a good reason for that (!) because I tried to mess with the permissions and completely locked myself out of the wordpress directory on the site… can’t do a thing. Even my server’s tech support guys need 24 hours to fix whatever I did. (another reason perhaps for some kind of .htaccess tutorial) So, there’s a setback, but I will keep you posted on progress because I am determined to fix the original problem! Hopefully, someone will post to my ever and eternal gratefulness! (now I’m going to plunge headlong into some other domains that I have installed wordpress on and maybe I can figure it out the page link problem from there!)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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