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  • For the last 2.5 years, I’ve used the permalink structure:


    One reason I did this is so that I could use a “shortcut” URL and get to a post with (without including the postname)

    Since updating to 3.4 (I haven’t installed any other plug-ins), I now get a 404 if I go to

    I’ve tried “resetting” the permalink structure by changing it to default, and then back… but that made no difference.

    Suggestions? Clues? Or, better, a solution?

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  • And you have checked .htaccess?

    yes, i have removed all the content from .htaccess file, and re-saved permalink settings (generating again .htaccess file) but no luck 🙁

    Apache here.

    Swanson… I know that you know that a fresh install takes about a minute. And if a fresh install has the same problem that I reported, then your troubleshooting suggestions probably wouldn’t have identified the problem (unless doing all of them had NO effect, at which point we could be pretty sure that it is, in fact, a 3.4 issue).

    Still hoping someone discovers a fix… but off to bed for me now.

    i thing it is wordpress 3.4 issue, because i have backup of my old site (in wordpress 3.3.2) so i have setup in my local xampp server, it was working fine like with url, but the moment i update wordpress from 3.3.2 to wordpress 3.4 in my local server it has stopped working, and giving url like

    Yet, I am not experiencing this issue..with many sites, no’s a theme or a plugin or a corrupt db.

    Swanson… It’s not related to the web.config file. The new permalinks works fine. The wordpress itself not have any redirect from the old permalinks to the new ones

    It’s need to redirect

    the redirect not work at all and the same links accessible or show 404 error. this is a huge problem on wordpress

    deactivated all plugins, switched to twentyten theme, but no luck

    I just updated the permalinks on this site to


    and I get the right URL’s, but correct that using the url /%post_id%/ does throw a 404

    using WP3.4 and default 2011 theme….



    Has same results….

    I have used /%postname%/ only on all my sites without issue.

    So now we have multiple folks noting this issue…including me…


    can you answer just 1 question

    i have permalink structure like /%category%/%postname%/
    in 3.3.2 url was like

    so in 3.4 why it is being rewrite like

    do you have any idea about it?

    A redirect rule (a hacked host)…it’s odd that you each have ’emp’ there….I did not experience that in my test tonight, just that using either only part a or part b OF the permalink rule did not function and threw a 404…I am convinced this is an issue but stumped at why the ’emp’ (unless you have that as a custom category or tag setting also).

    well emp is the name of my page, (emp is page, not post)

    what you suggest, to overcome this issue?

    i want url like

    not like

    Moderator cubecolour



    Manoj, please start you own topic rather than interrupting this one

    There is reason that this redirect function was removed from wordpress? seem that it’s not exist on 3.4

    Okay, so now that we’ve all pretty much agreed it’s a 3.4 issue, the question is: Now what?

    I’m not a programmer, but there has GOT to be a place in the code that could be changed to fix this (assuming that WP won’t do it on their own).

    I agree. What is the fix for this thing? and also this fix must to be fixed on next WP release. This is huge problem who can hurt to the seo.

Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)
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