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  • For the last 2.5 years, I’ve used the permalink structure:


    One reason I did this is so that I could use a “shortcut” URL and get to a post with (without including the postname)

    Since updating to 3.4 (I haven’t installed any other plug-ins), I now get a 404 if I go to

    I’ve tried “resetting” the permalink structure by changing it to default, and then back… but that made no difference.

    Suggestions? Clues? Or, better, a solution?

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  • Providing a site link (and a broken link) and including what theme (and if using a child theme) you are using will help troubleshot (perhaps)


    No longer working:

    The theme is WhiteBlue from

    Check you site at Securi, there appear to be some odd links being output.

    I would:
    (backup site and DB just prior)
    A) deactivate all plugins,
    B) switch to default twenty eleven theme
    C) delete .htaccess file (backup first)
    D) Return to permalinks setting and save it again (this should create a clean .htaccess file with just WP rewrite rules)

    If after above, the links are working properly:

    1. Switch back to your theme and test.
    2. Activate plugins one at a time and test.
    This should point to a bad theme or plugin.

    Sadly my site is getting way too much traffic (and this is our business) for me to turn everything off, even for an hour… so this isn’t a practical solution for me.

    Copy site to a test install

    I don’t think you need to go through all of those steps right now b/c I think it’s a problem with the current version of WP 3.4. There have been multiple reports of it and I’ve tested it on a brand new site w/ all plugins deactivated.

    However, if you’ve already gone through those steps, please advise if you resolved it. I’ll do the same.


    I had a hunch it wasn’t just me.

    First one to find a solution wins. (And post it here, PLEASE!)

    I do not believe that there are any reported issues with WP permalinks and 3.4 (except for bad old plugins and themes as I noted above)…


    Please support with a few links.

    WordPress 3.4 install
    No Active Plugins

    Sample URL:

    URL with just post ID:

    According to sashen, this should redirect to the original url but doesn’t.

    (Note: I’m going to revert my permalink structure tomorrow AM (6/19) b/c I don’t want to maintain this structure long term).

    It’s not that it “should” redirect… it’s that with that permalink structure, it WAS redirecting until the recent upgrade.

    So the fact that it now doesn’t is a BIG problem for me, since I used the post_ID version of the url as a shortcut for hundreds of pages in thousands of places.

    Ah, I guess that’s another way of saying that “it should redirect” (that is, I WANT IT TO) 😉

    There is a well known manner to ‘troubleshoot’ these issues (see my advice above)…it would have taken less time tonight than the time this thread has been up to create the site and troubleshoot it…

    I have the same problem! I’m sure now it problem on wordpress, the old version redirect all the old permalinks to the new ones

    i also have same problem, with my page navigation, before it was working fine like, but after updating wordpress to 3.4 now it is like, and my page navigation has stopped working

    @dannymoe34, check your web.config file.

    manoj and others, are you also running on IIS7?

    i’m running on apache

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 60 total)
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