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    I changed the permalink structure but now 3 of the pages have numbers after them (2, 2 and 4).

    I read this may be caused by previous pages or posts hanging around in trash so I checked this and there is no trash.

    I read this can be caused by using numbers in the permalink but that is not the case.

    Can anybody throw any light on this for me?
    Thanks in advance


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  • You have duplicate posts, or pages named the same as your posts.


    a page named ‘About’

    and a post named ‘About’

    or you have existing posts or pages in your trashcans as you have mentioend.

    If not, just go in and change the permalinks your self. Edit the post, right below the page title you can change the permalink to what you please.


    its because you’ve made the same page several times and named it the same thing. Everytime you create a new page and name it the same as something you already have, it will add a 1 or 2 or whatever at the end of the url.

    You need to edit the SLUG and remove the dash and number from it, then press OK, then press update.

    The slug may be the little url under your title in the page while editing it, or you may see below the textbox area a place that says “slug” where you can edit it there, if you don’t see it, then go to screen options at top right corner of editor on that page and put a checkmark by “slug”, then close the screen options, then you can see the slug.

    Be sure to press OK, after editing the slug, then dont forget to press Update (republish the page) .. If you have any links hardcoded to the old links be sure to update those to your new page links.

    Thanks for the replies

    The numbers have gone now – I was only editing the title of the page but not the slug. Thanks for that Andrea

    sure thing, have fun

    exactly as I stated. Andrea just repeated.

    You never mentioned the slug

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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