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  1. aviad1
    Posted 3 years ago #

    hi, i have a wordpress blog, and i have a problem in my PERMALINK display
    if i write a post in English, the slug will be fine and long
    for example:

    but if i write the post in my language (HEBREW)
    the post will be shortened automaticlly
    for example
    my-site.com/זאת-הכותרת-של-ההו (my-site.com/this-is-my-post-ti)
    instead of my-site.com/זאת-הכותרת-של-ההודעה (my-site.com/this-is-my-post-title)
    the slug just delete words, i cant even edit them, it automatically deletes after several lines..

    thanks for helpers!

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