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  • Hello,

    since some days I can monitor that … :

    a) – if I create a new post …:
    => the permalink will generated well after editing the header and switching to the main text AND the permalink will displayed as a regular blue link without errors

    … and I’m able to save the post …
    … but then, after repoening / after saving the blue link changes into a opened text-control with “month PLUS day” (my setting for permalink) PLUS individual text.

    b) – if I open a post for editing:
    => the control for the permalink (below the header) is “opened for editing” immediatley … the “OK”-Button behind the control is missing! and
    => shows “month + day” PLUS the text from the header in the opend control.

    IF I disable the plugin
    … then the behavior is normal. If I enable your plugin, then the behavior is like described again. I’m able to reproduce this.

    (I’m using a german wordpress – 4.7.3 on a local system with xampp)
    Do you need further informations?


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  • Plugin Author Maciej Bis


    Hi @fruchtgummi

    please note that the post’s slug (post name) is always appended to the permastructure inside the “Edit Post/Page” screen.

    Before the draft is saved/reopened the new post is auto-saved and it also triggers the function that generates the sample permalink (the blue link). Only after the post is saved (as a regular draft) it is possible to edit the permalink (inside the text field).

    The “OK” button is removed, because the whole native form (below header) is replaced with the field that allows to control full URI (by default it allows to edit only the slug, not the whole URI).

    To sum up, the issues you described are in fact the main functionality of this plugin. Permalink Manager allows to edit the whole permalink (excluding the domain name of course) INSTEAD of only the slug (when the plugin is disabled, this can be done after small “Edit” button is clicked, and the new slug is confirmed with “OK” button).

    I guess that the problem is related strictly to the UI – I am working on a more intuitive way to allow the users to change the URI (“Edit” and “OK” buttons will be restored in 1.1 version + there will be also a possibility to toggle between three types of permalink: 1) native, 2) default/based on custom permastructure [automatically updated after post name is changed] and 3) completely custom one.

    If I understood you incorrectly, could you provide me with some additional screenshots?

    Best Regards,

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    • This reply was modified 1 year, 2 months ago by  Maciej Bis.

    Hello Maciey,

    I generated a PDF document with scrrenshots. I’m using your “contact@” address.


    Hello Maciey again,

    I tried to “play” with your plugin. But it seems, that I failed.

    1) I activated your plugin
    2) I opend my last post and got the permalink in the textbox: 2017/04/mypost
    3) I changed the month from 04 to xx
    4) I saved the document, viewed the preview AND got a 404 error.

    5) I changed xx to 04, saving … preview … and saw my post.

    Is it my fault? Do I have a big missunderstanding / of the functionallity of your tool?
    I’m not able so see any advantage to make the permalink changable in this textbox …
    – with no explanation,
    – with no warning and
    – with no “ok-button”

    If you want to leave this option…. make the textbox wider. from 5 cm up to 10 or 15 cm. So the whole text is viewable. No scrolling is needed then.

    I don’t speak about the pages below
    … “tools” where more complex options are provided. This pages can be helpfull for someone. In “Advanced – debug data” I found a post with a permalink which was manipulated by me. I deleted the date some days before… as a test without knowing whats happening and without any message that this post will disapear “forever”.

    After inserting the correct date
    a) the post was accessible 😉
    b) the field “Array with URIs” was empty again. I’m very glad now.

    I think
    … that you have to explain more of the functionality of your plugin to prevent authors to edit the permalink at the “post page”.

    bye 4today

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