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  • I have an odd problem. I can’t access the Permalink Settings page in my admin dashboard. When I click the link, I get the header section of the dashboard, the intro paragraph, and then just white space below it. Everything else in the dashboard is working just fine. I’ve tried removing plug-ins, re-installing, changing themes,…. everything I can think of. Please help!!!

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  • hey there
    what do you know about your situation?
    im in the final processes of putting all my stuff back together from backups, like that is ever smooth but i am glad to have my backups.
    i had your problem tonight. got my site back up, but most of the content relies on permalinks, and they were jacked, so i looked at the settings page, but blankness! so i did the search thing, found your post, fixed mine, wondering if you did too?

    I’ve updated to 2.6.3 – very carefully – followed ALL detailed instructions and still have the same problem. How did you fix it?

    very sorry to have missed this. im used to not getting a reply ;/
    i had to fix rewrite rules in httpd.conf to fix my problem. the settings were set to default by mistake so that sent me in the loop of making apache, .htaccess, and the conf file all happy again. this did not fix my categories/tags issues that i had after correcting my nice url structure. after fixing that (inside mysql), there was a lot of cache related issues to iron out. (fun with httpd logs). not sure where you got all with this, but i just wanted to respond.

    I too have experienced a lot of problems with getting WordPress to show the permalink settings page. The fix that worked for me, was to upgrade to PHP version 5. Maybe it could work for you too?

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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