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    I have created a new wordpress for my domain http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com.
    My previous wordpress for some reason when moving host and domain companies got lost, so I had to start from stratch.

    The problem is now my website permalink is http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com/wordpress/ then the page name.

    1) How can I get it back to just http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com/ then the page name?

    2) Home page is duplicated as you can view it at aboutyoucounselling and at http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com/wordpress.

    3) Google Toolmaster is there are 46 errors as page doesnt exist, because it is looking for http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com/ then the page name and not http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com/wordpress and then the page name.

    On WordPress and then the setting and permalink option is will only let me change the last part of URL the part http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com/wordpress is not editable.

    Any suggestions how to solve this?

    Will fixing these errors help Google index my pages? When I site: "http://www.aboutyoucounselling.com" no pages are index. Before all the pages would display on the results.


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