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    I created a new multi-site instance. The blog is working. I created a new sub-domain blog and that is working. I can us admin fine. I can add new posts.

    However permalinks are not working to individual posts or pages on the blogs. If I go to old style (ugly) permalinks then you can view posts but that is the only way.

    I imagine this has to be a .htaccess issue but I have used the code provided in the instructions. I have tried various modifications to see if I could make it work, but nothing works.

    The install is a VPS with Ubuntu.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Are there any full .htaccess examples I can try. This was a brand new VPS with brand new install of multisite WordPress.

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  • Check Apache – it not only needs mod_rewrite enabled, you may need to force it to actually read & follow everything in that particular docroot.

    AllowOverride FileInfo Options

    usually does the trick.

    mod_rewrite would be needed for sub-domain to work, right?

    If so, I can be sure mod_rewrite is working fine, since subdomains are working.

    I tried using AllowOverride FileInfo Options but it still isn’t working. It seems I need to put that in apache2.conf but that didn’t work.

    mod_rewrite would be needed for sub-domain to work, right?

    Not for the sub-domain part, but for the subdomain’s permalinks and image upload urls, so yes. But just being able to see the subdomains working as is does not mean mod_rewrite is working.

    Do the permalinks work on the main blog?

    You;re just gonna have to tinker. What about your VPS support?

    Thanks, mod_rewrite had to be enabled, now everything is working. Thanks.

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