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[Resolved] Permalink problem only with pages

  • Hello,

    I have recently installed (new install) WP 2.5 for this specific website.

    Recently I saw that the links dynamicly created (i.e. /index.php/about) to pages do not work, but if I go to the page using the “?page_id=”, works. Slugs are working file for posts, thought.

    For example, the page:

    Política de privacidade

    Works fine. But the same page with slugs, dont:

    Política de privacidade

    I get the “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” message when I try to load a page with slugs in the address bar.

    I briefly changed themes to test and the same happener with the WordPress default theme.

    My permalinks structure is “/index.php/%postname%/”, because I use IIS6 under Windows 2003. I have other blogs that I have not upgraded to 2.5 yet. Right now I tested the slugs with pages and it is working fine so far.

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  • I discovered something curious.

    I updated a test-only blog and applyed the same permalinks structure. Had the same issue. And it was working before.

    Then I changes te permalink structure again to:


    Worked. It worked on both blogs.

    All that made me think that it is a bug on permalinks on wp 2.5 that makes it not work with the /index.php/%postname%/ structure. at least on IIS.

    But then, I tried to test again and IT WORKS NOW!


    If you need I could help testing it.

    Confirmed here:
    – After upgrading to 2.5, /index.php/%postname%/ resulted in “Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.” (whatever theme is used)
    – Changing the structure to something else, and then changing it back fixes it.

    I did that and worked. Then I did other changes and the problem came back up again.

    Any other suggerstions?

    I did this:

    I fixed this error on my website. In my case the problem was that wp2.5 was not able to recongnize a page because my permalink started with %postname% so I modified wp-includes/query.php
    I added:

    } elseif ( (” != $qv[‘name’]) && (” == $qv[‘year’]) ) {
    $this->is_single = false;
    $this->is_page = true;


    } elseif ( ” != $qv[‘name’] ) {
    $this->is_single = true;

    Now wp looks if the file also had a year (it could be monthnum or day) so it can recognize a page as a page index.php/page-name
    This only fix the case when you use index.php/%postname%/%other-variables%
    Hope this help you. Sorry for my English :/

    Ogigin: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/164360/page/2?replies=100

    It did work. The pages came back working. The problem was that no posts worked anymore. Corrected the pages permalink and messed up posts permalink.


    This fix solved the problem.

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