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  • I have been fighting some problems with Permalinks in the 1/16 build of the beta site.

    A number of my “pages” aren’t showing up correctly.

    I have a page that has this as the slug

    and it shows… but /links doesn’t work (I thought that might be a ‘reserved’ name, but then I found a couple other pages aren’t showing either. /employment is one…

    Last night, with my PermaLink setting on, I couldn’t get “any pages” to show up. So, I removed all my permalink settings to be able to view the pages… then today, I just added it back in and “some” of the pages are working now. I’m not sure why the intermittent error, but maybe this will help point out a bug.

    any input would be appreciated!

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  • Yeah, I’m having similar problems with some of my pages that are viewed via permalinks, too. What’s odd, is one of the pages (/archives) loads fine….it’s all the others that won’t work with the permalink structure.

    EDIT: Ok…I don’t know why this fixed it, but I just recreated the wp_posts table in phpMyAdmin and everything shows up now. So maybe try that.

    all my permalinks for “posts” etc work, but not for the “pages”. you can access them with ..index.php?page_id=384

    how can i fix this?

    (using nightly 01-17)

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