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  • piranha526


    I have a question:

    Is there something I can look for in the code to eliminate the slow loading of all permalink pages?

    My main index page is loading fine, the category pages are loading with decent speed and most of the archives pages are loading with decent speed.

    I have having a problem with every “permalink page” as they are all loading very slow.

    It can be through the “recent comments” section or just clicking a blog post title. Everything sitting on an individual page is loading slowly!

    I have narrowed it down to the theme as I have tested my blog with 6 other themes at this point and they are all very quick.

    I am not using plug-ins at this time and I have checked with my host (everything is fine on this end). I have also searched dozens of blogs using the same theme and they are all running fine. I have contacted a few of these blog owners and they haven’t had my problems. I re-loaded the blog but the same issue remains.

    I did convert a blogger blog to WordPress.

    Help because I am lost.

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  • DianeV


    Did you validate your code at I ask because it shows an awful lot of coding errors — which may be why the pages load so slowly even on broadband.



    Diane’s suggestion is certainly something to check into.

    Taking a quick peek at the theme you have in use, the only serious difference I see between single post pages and home, archive, etc. pages is that on a single post, several Javascript and Ajax-related files are loaded in the <head> (header.php).

    I can’t say these are the cause though, as a quick test of the theme locally didn’t cause the problems you’re seeing.

    As for anything else going on, in the footer of the theme, after this line:

    <?php do_action('wp_footer'); ?>

    you could place this bit of code:

    <!-- <?php echo $wpdb->num_queries; ?> queries. -->

    The next time you load any page on your blog look at the source of the page (the bottom, of course) to see what it reports for # of queries. Then at least you can tell if an unusual # of database calls is occuring in the background. For a more detailed query analysis, you could also check out Jerome’s Query Diagnostics plugin:



    Thank you, I am going to look into both of your suggestions!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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