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  1. glhawk87
    Posted 4 years ago #

    I'm adding a new page to my website for event galleries. Thus my permalink structure is:


    I wanted to be able to organize it more and put the years after the (/event-galleries/), so in this case it would be 2010 (/event-galleries/2010)

    However, when I try creating this under the permalink editor when creating my page, it adds a '-2' at the end of it- maybe indicating that there was already a permalink created with that exact structure (i.e., mydomain.com/event-galleries/2010/)

    But, I've never created a page with this exact permalink before. I've cleared all my trashed pages and posts, cleared my cache, what is going on here?

  2. Tara
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago #


    -deactivating ALL plugins temporarily to narrow down and possibly fix the problem. If the problem goes away, activate them individually (one-by-one) to find the culprit.

    -switching to the default theme ("twentyten") for a moment by renaming your current theme's folder in wp-content/themes. The idea is to force WordPress to fall back to the default theme to rule out any theme-specific issue.

  3. Rev. Voodoo
    Volunteer Moderator
    Posted 4 years ago #

    oops, missed your last sentence OP

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