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  • Hey there everyone, just seeing if this has happened to anyone else and to find a fix or if I’m a the cause of the issue:

    When I went into the pages area and wanted to change the permalink naming it locks up the site and gives an ‘internal 500 error.’

    If you try to revert back (at least for me, it says its reverted) but then still errors out.

    From that point you cannot access the back-end of the site at all.

    Has anyone seen this issue?

    Thanks so much for any information and knowledge.

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  • Theme Author Nicolas GUILLAUME


    Hi Waynious,
    I don’t think this is a Customizr related issue.
    That could be related to an .htaccess read/write access issue.

    Hope this helps

    Thanks for the reply Nikeo.

    I’ll look into that A.S.A.P.



    I’ve run into a similar but more disastrous problem.

    I have several WP sites running from one server account (this is not a WP multi-site installation but I have several installations of WP on one web host (ANHosting), each running a different site. I have set up each site as an add-on domain so that users can access the root of the WP site by just entering the site name without the common domain name where all of the sites are installed.

    For example: all of my sites are installed in the master account add-on domain “” The site that is having a problem is “” before I modified the permalink basename, users could enter “” and get to the WP site just fine; the problem was that all permalinks showed up as “” I decided that I wanted the permalinks to not have the “” part in the address so that users could not get that name to use to access my base domain. When I changed the permalink basename, I suddenly could not access anything in foundationartskills directly, no matter whether I entered “” or “”

    This situation means that I cannot open the WP dashboard to go back and reverse the modification to the permalink addresses, so I am just locked out of my WP website. I expect that there is a way to modify one of the wp-* files referenced from .htaccess (I don’t see a way to modify .htaccess that gives any hope of joy). How can I reverse this change so that I can continue working on my WP site?

    And, no, I do not have backups of this WP site. That’s next on my list of todos!

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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