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  • Since installing 3.4.2, I have encountered a few problems on my hands regarding my site’s functionality.

    My server host had to reset the site and reverted my links to default, which means my old links are no longer functioning. I tried using the Setting>Permalinks feature inside my WordPress to change the default setting to “day and name” or “month and name.” Once I made that change, none of the links were working. It’s as if there’s some faulty issue inside my WordPress.

    I remember reading online that once you change the permalinks, it’s best to not change it again.

    Please let me know if this can be rearranged easily from inside the WordPress Manager. Thanks.

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  • To my knowledge and I am not a server expert but if you are hosting on a linux box. You might have problem inside your .htaccess file.

    The .htaccess file is the file that does the rewrite of the permalinks and WordPress needs to be able to write to that file to edit the permalinks… 

    Hopefully this gives you a start in the right direction. Another conversation with your host regarding the .htaccess file might help too… 

    If .htaccess file is not writable when you set permalinks then wordpress will give the code to enter in .htaccess file.
    Did your permalinks work before you made the update?

    The site has been functioning for years, without any changes. This weekend, when a reset was made and sent the links to default, my old links were no working. I am trying to change the default to “month and date.” It is on that setting now, but has not been resolved.

    My web host/server is powered by Yahoo!

    I’m getting this too. It looks to me like the latest WordPress has reintroduced a bug that was in there a couple of versions ago but eventually fixed. My site has been successfully redirecting “” to “” but this has been lost again thanks to the lates WordPress update.




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    I’m not aware of any permalink bug in WordPress 3.4.2.

    The problem reared its ugly head in v3.4 and was eventually fixed.

    This sounds remarkably similar. I have links in hundreds of posts that were previously working. Now they don’t. I’ve not changed my .htaccess file.


    Okay, I just noticed the traffic of my site ( has stalled to 0. Gosh, this issue has got to resolved…and soon. The site’s functionality is pretty much dead, after using the permalink option in WordPress. I’m thinkngi about going back to default and starting from scratch. Sadly, all my links in the search engines are now no good.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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