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  • This may sound like an odd question, and I think this is the right forum for it.

    Is there any way to go through the entire database and update the GUID for posts made before the permalink structure was changed and fix with the new GUID?

    On the note of permalinks, does anyone know where the structure is actually stored for IIS servers?

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  • I would love to know this too.

    Me too…seems like this is an old issue — has this been resolved?

    Simply put, the GUID can be thought of as an unique ID — WP uses URIs and if you happen to change your URI, the GUID will not update because simply put, it does not need to.

    However ‘sloppy’ this may appear it will not matter because as an example where the GUID appears in your RSS2 feed you will note: isPermaLink="false" which as stated by the spec:

    isPermaLink is optional, its default value is true. If its value is false, the guid may not be assumed to be a url, or a url to anything in particular. (

    So fear not, the GUIDs in your DB (though they may look sloppy because of a URI change) will not hurt you 🙂

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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