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  • I started my blog a few months ago and was not aware of the different types of permalinks and how others are more beneficial.

    Im currently stuck with the ?p=123 version of permalinks and have tried to use the PermalinksMigration and that didn’t work.

    A solution I would like to try is to export all my blog posts and pages and delete all all the posts in my blog. Once that is done then change the permalink structure and then import the posts and pages back in.

    Please let me know what you think. Would this option work? I want some professional opinions before going through all that.

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  • Well…i use wp 2.6.5, but i never got any prob when i change the permalink tipe in blog. i just simply change the type, click the save button, refreshing the page, it’s all run well.

    You should not need to delete all your posts.

    Are you using Windows or a *nix host?

    My blog is hosted with my business website using Yahoo. So everything is stored on my ftp site with yahoo.

    I’m not sure if you’re talking about Dean’s Permalink Migration Plugin Revisited, but permalinks shouldn’t change anything to the post itself.

    If you’re unable to use permalinks (mod_rewrite should be enabled, see the official requirements for WP), you can change the custom permalinks to something like the following:


    For the above custom permalink structure you don’t need the mod_rewrite enabled (and therefor you don’t need a .htaccess file for it). See the Permalinks Codex-page for more information on it.

    Illutic: Unfortunately I have no clue about most of what you suggested. I am sure its the right answer but I don’t know where to find most of this stuff to fix it.

    My blog is hosted with my business website using Yahoo. So everything is stored on my ftp site with yahoo.

    Yeah, that doesn’t exactly answer my question 😉 However, I happen to know Yahoo uses FreeBSD (Unix) operating system and Apache servers AND they should have mod_rewrite (why? Because I used to be hosted there).

    Now. There are two questions:
    1) Are you trying to turn on pretty permalinks and having problems doing so?
    2) Are you trying to update all your posts to point to the pretty permalinks and having problems?

    First of all, you should update the permalink structure (Settings -> Permalinks). More info about it is on the codex page (Permalinks) I linked to in my previous post.

    The fact that you mentioned you have no clue about what I said in my previous post, it looks like you don’t have this configured (correctly).

    1. Yes I am trying to use the pretty permalinks and when i change it to another option other then the default number style and save it when I go to my site the home page is fine but all posts and pages are not available.
    2. Not having problems doing the acutal changing. WordPress does not give me a error, it’s the actual site and links.

    yeah, im struggling with it all. I think it took me about 3 weeks just to get my blog up and running the way I wanted it. Now I find out I have UGLY permalinks. It seems there is something I am missing from my blog that isn’t accepting when I change the permalink structure.

    Okay, I’m guessing its about the blog you mentioned in your other topic?

    Can you confirm that the .htaccess for the blog exists?

    I found if I put /index.php/%postname%/ it will give me a prettiER permalink although it has index.php/ in front of it.. so far im happy for that trade off although i would still love to not have it..

    That appears to be a common occurrence, samueljesse 🙁

    Seems this guy has the same problems 🙁

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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