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  1. ryansmithsd
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Hey WP Wizards.

    So we have a site, developed URL http://www.stylevox.tv/stylevoxdesign/watchout (this is the true location of the install).

    We used the GoDaddy Domain Assignment Feature to assign the domain iwontwatch.com, to the above folder on our hosted server.

    So when you navigate to http://www.iwontwatch.com/ the above installed wordpress shows up.

    So the client wants to add a store, but wants a seamless solution:

    The js of the store interfered with the one-page functionality of the site which they wanted to keep- which is why we stuck with a second install.

    So we installed a NEW wordpress to a subfolder within the "watchout" folder above

    We then assigned it in the General settings of the store WP the honepage to be http://www.iwontwatch.com/store/

    The PROBLEM.

    Any link off the seperate store WP points back to the "watchout" install, instead of in reference to the actual store site in the "store" folder.

    This should be a simple fix-- they are two independent installs, aren we missing something?

    Check out http://www.iwontwatch.com/store/ and click on a product for purchase...

  2. Darin Kotter
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Are you still having issues? I clicked on a product and it took me to the right page, so I didn't see anything wrong.

    I have got to say it is one of the weirder installs I've seen, having two installs of WordPress and having them on a separate domain and pointing them to another.

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