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  1. killthejoe
    Posted 6 years ago #

    It would be awesome to see an easier way to edit permalinks. After I've finished typing a long title, or when I do an auto-post with a plugin, I end up with a permalink that is fifteen hyphenated words long. I know there are plugins out there that will automatically shorten my permalinks for me, but I prefer to choose the keywords myself. WordPress offers only a tiny box to edit your permalink.

    It would be awesome simply to extend that box right across the page so you can see the whole thing making it much easier to edit.


  2. You can do that already :)

    Go to edit the post, and just below the title, is your permalink with 'Edit' at the end. Click on edit and you can change the permalink.

    See? http://img697.imageshack.us/img697/557/screenshot20100103atjan.png

  3. Gabe Young
    Posted 6 years ago #

    @ipstenu - killthejoe already knows he can edit the permalink. He simply wants the text field to display more characters.

  4. Heh, my bad. Mis-read it.

    Since it defaults to all text selected, you could just press delete and type it in but ... There's no real easy way to make that longer without screwing up layouts.

    I suppose you could sort out something from how this guy does it for a shortener, and convert it to a pop-up URL editor: http://ychittaranjan.wordpress.com/2009/08/14/wordpress-inbuilt-url-shortener-wp-me/

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