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  • I wanted to change my permalinks to be just the postname. Every time I change it to that, none of my links work. I created an .htaccess file with the code wordpress told me:

    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule . /index.php [L]

    I created an .htaccess file and tried putting it both in and

    I changed the permissions of the .htaccess to be able to 666 as they said.

    When I have the file in my site does not work. Even when I have a blank file called .htaccess in this folder, the site says, “Server error.”

    When I have the file in, the main page loads, but when I click on a blog to read it, I get a 404 not found page.

    I thought it might be because I changed it to only the postname and it said you may have trouble doing that, but I changed it to several other options and none of them worked. I don’t understand why my wordpress options told me that it could not access my .htaccess file even after I changed the permissions.

    According to my host GoDaddy, I have Apache, so the mod_rewrite should work:

    I read through the wordpress site:

    As suggested in the permalinks page here, and a few other places, I tried changing my wp-includes/vars.php file to:

    $is_apache = 1;

    and my site would not load, saying that there was an error on file wp-includes/vars.php line 37.

    AAAAHHH! Please help me.

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  • I don’t have any great ideas, but isn’t GoDaddy the host that folks have to wait 30 or 60 minutes for .htaccess file changes to go into affect?

    Worth a quick search here in the forums to see if I’m thinking of the right host?

    Yeah I saw that here:

    But, even when I do upload an .htaccess file, the site stops working right away. Do you think this is connected? Do you think I need to upload it and wait to see what happens? I mean, it must register something if the site stops working.

    I found a little more info here:

    But I’m still confused.

    I found another site that says you have to wait like an hour. So I have now uploaded a new .htaccess file to with the wordpress mod_rewrite code. I Changed the permissions to 666.

    Before I was having problems with the site loading at all. It seems to load the main page now. But the links still don’t work. I’ll wait an hour or so and see what happens. I’ve also got a call into Godaddy support to clarify with them.

    Okay, so I waited about an hour, checking frequently if the site would work. Now all of a sudden the main page of the site is not working. At this point I think I’ll just wait a little longer and see if anything else happens.

    Here is what godaddy had to say:

    Thank you for contacting Online Support. Please note that while Go Daddy Customer Service Representatives cannot debug your CGI Scripts or HTML website coding the information below should help you with your CGI enabled hosting account. There are many variables that could cause a page not to work correctly. As you troubleshoot the problem, bear in mind some of the more common causes of problems with scripts:

    • If you are using Perl, make sure that the path to the interpreter is listed correctly as:


    • Look for capitalization errors or other kinds of typos. (in both you CGI and HTML)
    • Check the permissions for the files in your CGI bin. (Hosting subfolder “CGI” is your “CGI-BIN” folder; as many customer CGI scripts call for the “CGI-BIN” folder, rename this to the “CGI” folder.)

    Many problems with Perl CGI scripts can be resolved by paying careful attention to the three issues mentioned above.

    I have no idea what this means. How does this relate to the .htaccess file?

    I upgraded my godaddy account to their hosting configuration 2.0:

    I activated the error log, but I still can’t access it. I’ll wait another hour or so and see if that’s working… though I don’t know why that should change anything.

    Okay, I got into the CGI admin and checked the error log and found a whole bunch of these:

    [Sun Nov 11 15:45:27 2007] [alert] /var/chroot/home/content/s/c/o/scoutwithclout/html/.htaccess: Invalid command ‘(This’, perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

    At this point, I don’t know what to do. I am going to move the .htaccess file to the directory and wait. If that doesn’t work after a while I will just delete the .htaccess file and change my permalinks back to their ugly ass selves. What a waste of time.

    Okay, so when I move the .htaccess file into the wordpress directory, I can access the main page of my site, but the main page comes out as just text.

    …still cannot access individual pages.

    Now my error log says:

    [Sun Nov 11 15:56:48 2007] [alert] [client] /var/chroot/home/content/s/c/o/scoutwithclout/html/wordpress/.htaccess: Invalid command ‘(This’, perhaps mis-spelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration

    You are messing around with the two URI values in the Oprions > General.

    If you installed your WP in a subfolder called “wordpress” BUT you want the blog to appear at the root ( then just read and re-read the instructions:
    The stylesheet is there but (because of your wrong settings) WP is looking for it in the wrong place)

    Interesting… So I gave up and deleted the .htaccess file. Of course my graphics came back immediately. I then went into my admin and changed the permalinks back to the default. Than I changed them back to /%postname%/ and I this time when I clicked the update permalink button, it said, “Permalinks updated” instead of “you need to update your .htaccess file.” WTF? Could it be that I activated some feature in the godaddy 2.0 hosting configuration? That must be it… Though, the links still don’t work. I will wait for an hour again and see if they get updated.

    Thanks Moshu,

    My general options say this:

    WordPress address (URI):
    Blog address (URI):

    I read the Giving wordpress it’s own directory… but I still don’t get what I have done wrong.

    You have to have 2 index files and two htaccess files – one in the root and one in the wordpress subdir.
    That’s what the instructions say… if you read them.

    Yes I just noticed that! I missinterperetted the “copy” as “move to.”

    So I went backwards. I created another index file for my /wordpress directory and changed it back to


    Now I need to create two .htaccess files? I don’t understand that part. Are they empty? Do they both need to have the mod_rewrite code? WordPress doesn’t automatically create them?

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