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  • I want to have a custom permalink for each new post in WordPress like:

    function wp_unique_post_slug($col,$table='wp_posts'){
         global $wpdb;
         $alphabet = array_merge( range(0, 9), range('a','z') );
         $already_exists = true;
         do {
             $guidchr = array();
             for ($i=0; $i<32; $i++)
             $guidchr[] = $alphabet[array_rand( $alphabet )];
             $guid = sprintf( "%s", implode("", array_slice($guidchr, 0, 12, true)) );
           // check that GUID is unique
           $already_exists = (boolean) $wpdb->get_var("
           SELECT COUNT($col) as the_amount FROM $table WHERE $col = '$guid'
          } while (true == $already_exists);
         return $guid;

    This script works well when i replace the fontion in post.php (wordpress core) but unfortunately the permalink change at each post uptade. How to avoid this? And how to edit a custom optional keyword (

    Any idea is welcome!

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