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  • Hello!

    I just upgraded to 2.5 recently after hearing about the new gallery features. I’ve imported about 1000 photos from a gallery2 installation I had before. I should mention that in some cases I re-uploaded the photos from my hard drive and in other cases used this plugin to transfer directly from the gallery2 folder on the server-
    Add From Server
    The plugin would sort them into the upload directory according to the creation date of the photo, not by the date of the post as per WP 2.5 default. Afterwards I also changed the creation date of the gallery posts back to the approximate date the photos were orginally posted to the old gallery2 install. As far as I could tell this does not change the location of the photo attachments in the upload directory though, nor does it change the date of the image subposts. I mention all of this because it may all contribute to my propblem, which is…

    I have pretty permalinks turned on. The structure for this is:


    But on certain image subposts where two or more photos originally had the same filename, the image.php template I am using will pull up every photo that orginally had that name. My blog is at:

    And an example of what I’m talking about can be found here. Click the last thumbnail on the second row…

    This brings up every photo that had the original filename of ‘P1010011’. If I turn off permalinks, this does not happen. The URL instead uses the attachment ID, which correctly links to only that attachment. This only seems to happen where an image had a duplicate filename. Otherwise on other links to image.php things work as expected.

    I know little of how mod_rewrite works and I can’t figure out how to troubleshoot what URL is actually getting sent to Apache. Is this a bug with permalinks/image subposts/gallery features in WP 2.5 or am I missing something obvious?

    Help? Thanks!

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