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  • OK.

    I’ve had a site running for a few years now and i’m fed up with the Permalinks

    The page in question is:

    I want to change the name of that page only to . My knowledge of wordpress has improved over the years but, from what I can see it doesn’t make it clear what exactly happens when I click change permalinks within that page as it goes to the stock page. My fear is that it will change all pages to that and not just this particular page. Now can someone give me an answer without any blurb telling me whether i’m ok to change it and what could happen?

    Also, one other thing, when I use the ugly permalink in emails it always brings up the event from a week before even though i’ve re-written that page with the correct date of event… why… and again please write a guide for an idiot please.


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  • It will change the page id (?page_id=xyz) to the name of each page for all URLs.
    A short, rough answer.

    So how do i change that page name only. There has to be a way! I’m moving my website away from wordpress is there a way of renaming a page and linking it to pick up people that look for the old link?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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