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    I’ d like to change my articles permalinks to delete date and replace it by article’ name. How can I do this ?
    I have another question :
    I don’t want to use the mobile theme’s default black mobile header text color. So I desabled it, but it works on my iPhone but not on my iPad : why ?
    Thanks for your help !

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  • Hi Louise,

    1) Which dates do you want to change? The permalinks on home page?

    2) For mobile and tablet styles, make sure to change it in both @media blocks in the stylesheet. Both @media (max-width: 450px) and @media (max-width: 900px).

    1) When I create an article, its title automatically contains date of creation, follwed by a name I can change.
    ex :
    I would like to delete this date in the url and keep only the page’s name.
    ex :
    2° OK, so I need first buy the upagrade Custom design

    I solved my problems of permalink and color in mobile style.
    I have another question : how can I change width of my column ? (I want my left column – content – be larger than my sidebar, approximatively 60 % – 40%).
    Thanks again

    If you’re on, yes—you’ll need the Custom Design upgrade. Also note these forums here are for self-hosted blogs; for head over to to get help from the community and experts there.

    Width of columns can be tricky, it’s probably not a simple change. Are you familiar with CSS enough to go in and change layouts? If not I’d recommend starting simpler since a layout change can be difficult to achieve without breaking other things (mobile layout, other pages, etc). If you are feeling brave, look in Reddle’s stylesheet for:

    /* Two columns, content on the left */ section—in there are the widths and percentages for the two columns.

    OK, Thanks. I’m going to havé a look on this section.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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