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    I recently tried to change my site from www to non www and this has messed up my permalinks. I have tried going back to the www and even that doesnt work. So this is how i have it set:

    I dont see it being a server problem as it worked fine with www a few days ago.

    The catagories work just the posts bring up a 404 error.

    Notice that url works but the posts are 404.


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  • anyone?

    Using %category% in the permalink structure doesn’t work on all servers. (Read the Codex: Using_Permalinks)

    You may want to try another custom structure.

    (just out of curiousity: you have this strange line in your source code:
    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0.5"2.2" />
    so, what’s the version you are using?)

    did clean install of 2.3 and imported posts and all is well now..thx

    Moshu, where are you seeing that strange line you mention? I’m asking because I am also using wp 2.2x and getting very odd linking behavior in Internet Explorer browsers for this:

    where clicking some of the links (typically, the ones without posts) on the left size (first try birth injury, which works just fine in IE, then try degloving injury, which doesn’t)

    I’m using /%postname%/ as the permalink structure (which has always worked fine for me in all versions and on lots of host companies and for all browsers).

    What’s odd:

    1) some of the links will return a 404
    2) if you use the back button, then click the same link, it will likely show you the page…
    3) this only happens in IE 6 & 7

    No front page extensions installed on a linux acct at

    I’m pulling my hair out at this point. ANYONE out there with ideas? Moshu, if you can tell me where you saw this other person’s odd line, I’ll look for that in my pages.


    nevermind… I see that is in the header.php file, but I don’t have a similar weirdness going on.

    still, if you have any ideas what might be going on, I’m all ears.

    more info about the IE behavior:

    4) if you cut and paste the link’s url into the address field of the IE browser, it will display the page, first time.

    it’s the same url? Why would the same url behave differently depending upon whether you click the link or cut and paste? I’m stumped! It just doesn’t do it in any other browser…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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