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  • The URL you posted redirect to a forbidden sitre:

    Get your stuff together…

    Holly crap. All I did was change permissions on my .htaccess.

    Shew….all better now.

    I still need help though. Thanks if I’m not completely in the dog house.

    I moved my .htaccess into another directory, just to get it out of the way, and reverted my permalinks back to default.

    So how do I get a default .htaccess file again?

    1. I can see the site now.
    (1a. don’t mess with the htaccess if you don’t know what are you doing…)
    2. Ther is no logo anywhere, not even on the main page.
    3. Switching form the default (/?p=1234) permalink to anything else – doesn’t rquire any plugin, gizmo, whatever.
    4. The default permalink ALWAYS WORKS! – so what are you trying to accomplish???

    1. Ok

    2. Great, I now am missing my banner logo altogether.

    3. Before using that plugin for a redirect, when I tried changing my permalinks from p=n, to date and post name, I would get a 404. Once I used this plugin, the switch from p=n to the english format, the links didn’t break, but my logo did.

    4. I want to convert my ugly permalinks to decent looking ones. I am not showing up in Google, and I wanted to rule this one facet out of the equation, plus I hate the way the p=n looks.

    I will start with #4. The big G. doesn’t care abou your permalinks – just about your content.

    I repeat: you don’t need any plugins to switch from a permalink structure to another. Whoever told you otherwise – was lying.

    Learn: Using_Permalinks.

    Any insight to why my banner image broke and how I can get it back?

    I am done for my permalink google quest. You have set me straight on that. Thank you.

    Because you are using a wrong path:
    `<img src=”img/logo.gif” …

    I’m trying….
    Do I put the full path of the image? I honestly didn’t change the code, perhaps the grand plugin did?

    Ah ha! It’s forbidden. Can I change permissions on the directory?

    Yes, you can.

    Ah ha…. a .htaccess file dated 10/10/2007 was in that directory.

    So the logo is back. I better read up on this stuff even better than I have. OBVIOUSLY. I am trying to balance this with too many other things.

    I might be back on track. The .htaccess file is what is breaking the image when I change permalinks. What can I do to prevent that.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 19 total)
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