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  • spencefhs


    I have been a word press user for several months and have generally had a very good experience with the software.

    Over the last 6 – 8 weeks, I have had increasing performance problems with my site. It can take several minutes to load the site, or to get into the admin function. I am looking for suggestions on what to fix, or how to improve if possible.

    I am on version 2.0.

    I am using Yahoo as my host. However, this site was set up prior to them becoming an official host, so it was set up through my primary site (as opposed through the Yahoo automatic installation).

    The site is used to track the latest information on the avian flu pandemic. It gets a significant amount of traffic (typically ~2,000 hits/day including RSS, etc.). It is also currently very large ~ 1,900 entries and several hundred megabytes of data.

    Is this just too large for the supporting technology? or are there other sites as large the continue to perform well?

    Yahoo should be a strong host with a very good technology platform. I will contact them as well to see if they have any thoughts.

    I am using two tracking tools to track hits – google analytics, plus bsuite. I have tried disabling both of them, but it does not seem to have an impact on performance.

    I can also probably reduce the size of the graphics at the top of the page, but it has always had the same format, and it performed well when originally installed.

    Here is the link to the site. I love the software, but I am afraid I may be exceeding it’s capacity (using MYSQL, etc.). I want to contine to use, but need to find a way to improve performance, because it literally takes several minutes every time you post an entry, choose a different menu item under the administrative functions, or view the site. It can take 60 minutes to maintain the site, when it originally took less than 5.

    Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

    Here is the site:

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  • moshu


    There has to be something wrong with your site: I’ve waited about 3 mintues (!) and nothing appeared.

    I personally never trust big corporations that are good in one area and then jump in another kind of business just because everybody is making money there – so I’d never host my site with Y!
    (and this was posted a few minutes ago: )

    I know a WP site with over 8,000 posts and even that one loads faster than yours.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I would contact Yahoo.
    There are sites larger and busier than yours which perform well so it’s not the underlying technology.

    Yahoo are now a favoured host so they should be good with the support aspect.



    I will contact yahoo to see if they have any thoughts. My main site loads fairly quickly. (using Yahoo site builder)

    It is the sub-domain that has the problems (using wordpress)

    Even the menu choices from within administrative functiouns take just as long as loading the site, or posting a new entry.

    So it may be the host, but is more likely a combination of the two (host + platform).



    After going back ot Yahoo small business 4 times with them telling me that their servers were “within performance parameters”, they finally made some changes that substantially improved performance.

    While not instant, it is now significantly faster.
    On the first day after the change, my daily visits increase from 1,500 (down from 2,000 due to performance problems), to 4,500 a day. It is obvious that the performance problems were keeping many people away from the site.



    I had just replied to my own post ( ) to ask about performance questions too. I’m on my own VPS…while I still share the server with others…it should be more than enough for WordPress. I have noticed a difference since the upgrade. I think it may have soemthing to do with the cache…though I could be mistaken.


    I have over 16000 posts and hosting it on Yahoo. Had the same issue but found this solution. I would request the wordpress authors to validate the following.

    You will have to edit [wp-includes/classes.php] file

    Look for the line

    $request = ” SELECT $distinct * FROM $wpdb->posts $join WHERE 1=1″ . $where . ” GROUP BY ” . $groupby . ” ORDER BY ” . $orderby . ” $limits”;

    And replace it by

    $request = ” SELECT * FROM $wpdb->posts $join WHERE 1=1″ . $where . ” ORDER BY ” . $orderby . ” $limits”;

    Atul Bansal (

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