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  • Hi!
    First off — absolutely love Page Builder, I’ve integrated it into a massive tool for journalists here at The Times. I’ve been looking for something comparable for quite some time and Page Builder’s approach is the best so far.

    Second — one thing I like less is how unperformant it is when there is a large number of rows. With how I’m using it, pages often have upwards of 20-30 rows, each with 1-4 regions in each. Given the way Page Builder constructs pages, sometimes the browser freezes for a solid 40 seconds after loading or update a post while Page Builder rebuilds the grid and widgets. While this is a small tradeoff given the power PB provides, I can totally see folks getting frustrated with that.

    A possible (long-term) solution: instead of building a custom grid every time, just use Twitter Bootstrap’s grid. The “our grid is smaller than your grid” point on the website is somewhat irrelevant given most people will have a CDN copy of the Bootstrap grid cached somewhere. It’s less sophisticated but more straightforward (“x out of 12 columns” instead of “fractions of the total horizontal page width”), and it might save time on initial load (Though I haven’t run any tests on which part of page load is the slow part, whether it’s building the grid or the DOM manipulation that results).

    Lastly and unrelated — dear god, it blows my mind every time I come here how awful WordPress’s groupware tools are. I have no idea if this issue has been addressed elsewhere, because the search is just a badly-implemented Google Site Search. It also makes it difficult to contribute patches or fixes using standard open source practises. Would you ever consider moving this project to GitHub? I have a tonne of stuff I’d consider contributing if given the opportunity.


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  • Oh, by the way! You might be interested to know that we built our My Year With Malala long form feature entirely using Page Builder; worked really well! Both Buzzfeed and The New Yorker carried links to it.

    Though perhaps you can get an idea of why we need so many rows in our layouts…

    @greg Priday, this guy has a point. While you are an excellent developer, I notice that this last year you are increasingly becomming inactive in the support forums. I know you are busy with other themes and stuff, but given the fact you have so little time to answer support topics you might want to consider moving the project to github.

    More people have suggested this in the past. Now that you have little time to maintain the plugin it might be a good day to do this. This plugin has some saving issues right now. I think it can really benefit from the community if you move this project to github so we can help you to solve these issues.

    And don’t forget that people can create pull requests, so you can focus on the issues and people can add new features if they want to.

    To update my initial point, the performance improvements added in the most recent releases are utterly brilliant. Like, it’s practically resolved the performance issue I mentioned in my original post. Many thanks!

    But yeah, agreed with Marcoevich — the thing that will take this from being “one of the best WordPress layout plugins” to “the sole WordPress layout plugin that everyone immediately installs and the only one that they consider” will be opening up the code to the community and developing it socially. While my experience has been Page Builder’s code is really solid and works amazingly, the designers I work with have complained about a few UX-related issues and it seems having more spheres of talent contributing to Page Builder would only be a positive thing.

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