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    I have managed to get Simple Ajax Chat up and running and looking forward to seeing how it works out. I have noticed a couple things though:

    1) My page seems to load much slower with the plugin turned on.

    2) When I load the page, I see the content of the page briefly but not as it is supposed to look. I believe we used to call it a flash of unstyled content.

    3) My site depends on a web font and I find sometimes the page loads and displays before the font loads.

    – I suspect 1 through 3 are all related if not one and the same.

    4) I have a user who mentioned that when he loaded the page with SAC on it that Chrome asked him to allow notifications. Is this normal? Can it be avoided somehow?

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  • Plugin Author Jeff Starr


    Glad to help:

    1) There are too many variables involved to guess at the issue for any specific case. In general the plugin performs great on default WordPress install. There could be a conflict with another plugin, JavaScript (or other) errors happening on the page, or it could be related to server setup/config.

    2) The chat plugin provides only a small amount of CSS, and those rules are used to provide the chat form with styles to provide basic structure and usability. All other styles you are seeing are coming from your theme (and possibly plugins), so best advice here would be to ask your theme developer for help with any display issues. They will know best the best changes to make, etc.

    3) Yes sounds related to either/both of the first two issues. The plugin does not provide any font-related functionality, that’s all up to your theme.

    4) Any user can disable the notifications directly in their browser. There are numerous docs out there that explain how to do it for any specific browser.

    I hope this helps. Feel free to post again with any further questions, etc. Glad to help anytime.

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