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    Please tell us:

    1. Which theme do you use?
    2. Which hosting do you use?
    3. Do you have installed the latest Unyson plugin and PageBuilder extension?

    1. Theme: Woffice
    2. Dreamhost VPS
    3. Unyson v2.5.0 (appears to be latest)
    I dont see a version number for Page Builder

    Here’s the P3 log

    WordPress Plugin Profile Report
    Report date: March 4, 2016
    Theme name: Woffice
    Pages browsed: 14
    Avg. load time: 11.3585 sec
    Number of plugins: 9
    Plugin impact: 93.93% of load time
    Avg. plugin time: 10.6689 sec
    Avg. core time: 0.5352 sec
    Avg. theme time: 0.2654 sec
    Avg. mem usage: 60.20 MB
    Avg. ticks: 39,723
    Avg. db queries : 92.43
    Margin of error : -0.1109 sec

    Plugin list:
    P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) – 0.0754 sec – 0.71%
    bbPress – 0.2581 sec – 2.42%
    Buddypress Xprofile Custom Fields Type – 0.0977 sec – 0.92%
    Buddypress – 1.2552 sec – 11.76%
    Multiverso – Advanced File Sharing Plugin – 0.0966 sec – 0.91%
    Unyson – 8.3528 sec – 78.29%
    User Role Editor – 0.1850 sec – 1.73%
    WP Canvas – Gallery – 0.0850 sec – 0.80%
    Wp Super Cache – 0.2630 sec – 2.47%

    Plugin Author Unyson


    Have you reported this problem to theme author?

    P.S. I don’t have the Woffice theme and can’t test this problem. On my side I tested with The Core theme and avg. load is less than a second.

    The backend is pretty slow too so that led me away from thinking it was the theme. I’m working on getting access to the hosting to see if it is there, which I assume is where the problem is. Just wondering if you had heard of this being an issue (specifically with Dreamhost) and if you had a solution before I dug into figure it out.

    Plugin Author Unyson


    Please test this

    If you will not be able to figure out why the load is slow or will find that the problem is in Unyson plugin, please report that as github issue (on github you will find more developers to help you)

    I have the same problem, with the same theme Woffice @abrudtkuhl Could you fix it? I need Help @unyson

    Hello, I’m having the same issue with Woffice & Unyson. Did anyone find a resolution to this?

    Hi @jamesashcroftgd, I had the same problem, In my case I fixed it. Check in the wordpress panel, in the configuration of the theme, look up for the option “Show only profile with avatar?” If you have checked (Yep), try turnoff, activing nope...

    The systems will take to much time looking the users with avatar and that will be a lost time, so this is not a good idea if you have a lot of users…

    Try it and tell me if this works…Try it and tell me if that work…

    Hi there, thanks for responding. I did try what you suggested but the site is still running slow. I think I’ll contact the theme developer to see if they have any ideas.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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