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  • I help run a multisite and we are experiencing some serious I/O issues. At first reaction we thought it was the phpbb forum but this was not the case. Recent log files are showing that it is wordpress.

    The issues started over the summer when our daily views jumped from 8000+ a day to over 11000+ a day. And they’ve held since. However we started experiencing server crashes, disk wear and tear and finally I/O issues causing regular outages.

    We cannot establish the root cause but narrowed it down to either slidedeck or jetpack. Slidedeck is turned off and we will investigate that separately.

    I am concerned about Jetpack as this is an integral part of wordpress and we have been dependent on the site stats and some of the functions. We are investigating.

    But the jump in views is bothering as this might be a major contributing factor.

    During all this it hit me that I could use an expert to consult. Our hosts are competent on the backend, they are providing an excellent service on the server, storage, network and facilities. But I need an expert to consult regarding the database, application and interfaces and how they all work together. Are there any recommended groups or people that provide professional wordpress services?

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