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  • kygoogleguy


    After spending way too long trying to use this “improvement” to WordPress, I had to share my opinion with someone. It is obvious that this creation has some potential and could be useful for some users, it is however WAY too early to install it as a default or primary editing tool. Veteran WordPress uses have become familiar with the layout, function, glitches and workarounds of the traditional editor and the forums are loaded with solutions for newer users to search and find solutions to their problems. The “GLute-n-berg editor” has virtually no forum support and most experienced users are reluctant to ask a “newbie” type question in a public forum. (Big egos and reputation is important.) I can’t seem to understand why the powers that be are so dead set on this direction. Many users (like me) make a living using WordPress and having to re-learn how to do simple tasks and re-configuring our process is a cost I do not want to incur unless there is a profit driven reason. (Please enlighten me if there is a clear profit opportunity for GLutenberg.)
    As I step off my soap-box I have one final point, MANY of my customers have very old computers and limited resources. It seems that this new editor is VERY dependent on processor and internet speed. Use of the editor is glitchy and laggy on slower connections and older computers. Reminds me of the dial-up internet days…
    I wish I could give this project more than one star, but it is just not a good solution for everyone. I hope it does not become exclusive…

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  • Niall Patrick Flynn


    I agree, and all the other page builders need the Classic Editor to work well. The disable Gutenberg plugin has 100k users now and Classic Editor over a million. I cant see how a Million plus users feedback, plus these reviews are meeting deaf ears. Gutenberg is not needed and if it was to work well why on earth did Automatic not buy/acquire one of the already excellent ones out there. Its a total failure, the last WP update from what I saw was all theme/non core updates. This is such a shame. The guy maintaining Disable Gutenberg and the Classic Plugin are now failure points of the CMS.

    Most of the 5 star reviews are 30 second jaunts into this too. No one has sat down and done any sort of time based tests. Adding a post for a client takes 10x the time to do on the new editor this is the only fact I care about. Why would I slow down editing, surely this is 90% of what we need. Its so easy to do layout now in the front end, the focus should be 100% on simple back end. Also the lack of usability and the lame admission in the WP 5.0 about screen is so bad. If you use assistive tech dont use this, thats part of this issue too, who on earth decided this new UI was good. Permalinks hidden etc its like an attempt to slow us down.

    I update now and I worry every time, clients could ruin thier sites in minutes and this idea of folks editing layout in 2019 with the AMP framework and so much mobile traffic. We cant add SVG via WP, The media library is a joke, so is the menu setup, the new additions of cutomizer etc are just bizarre, hiding WC options as an example.

    I see so many of these being ignored and basically pawned off as folks overreacting, this is so asinine.

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