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    I’m noticing a large performance hit with this plugin. It seems spl_autoload_register in require_classes is looping through all of the classes on the site (on this particular site looping through 10,000 times) which results in almost 68,000 file_exists checks that run within this function.

    Ideally this should be recoded to avoid loading the function more than is necessary however it’s mainly the file_exists check that is affecting performance.

    Is it only the TagGroups_ classes that need to run the autoloader?

    I have added a string check below so it exits early if the $class_name doesn’t contain TagGroups_ and it’s loading the same amount of PHP files so I assume this is ok?

    public function require_classes() {
          spl_autoload_register( function ( $class_name ) {
          	if (strpos($class_name, 'TagGroups_') === false) {

    Would appreciate if you can look into this. It can be replicated on a fresh WP install.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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